Our Cyber Security Program

We Assist Organisations Of All Sizes To Evaluate, Educate & Mitigate Their Cyber Risk

01 Evaluate
Our maturity assessments help you understand your real needs and provide the basis to begin an holistic risk mitigation plan that covers your people, processes and technology.
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02 Educate
We empower your people with the knowledge and skills they need to be active participants in your cybersecurity defence through relevant, engaging and ongoing training.
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03 Mitigate
We arm your digital trust team with the tools and resources they need to assess, manage, and mitigate the human cyber risk within your organisation. Introducing CBMX Pro®
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01 Evaluate

We mythbust the complexity surrounding cybersecurity with unbiased, expert opinion.

Managing cyber risk is one of the greatest challenges facing all governments and organisations. High value, low cost cybersecurity controls exist for everyone, but organisations need better visibility into their cybersecurity posture to understand where and how to make these investments.
Our cybersecurity maturity assessments provide the missing element not provided by security solution vendors, compliance institutions and governance authors. We help you understand your real needs and provide the basis to begin an actionable, affordable and effective risk mitigation plan.
  • Understanding

    Gain a clearer understanding of your ability to utilise people, processes and technology so that you can put a coherent cybersecurity plan in place
  • Efficiency

    See where your cybersecurity investment is best made so as to avoid over investment in areas that will return less value or unnecessarily overburden your team
  • Assurity

    Independent, impartial, expert advice that is designed to help you improve your cyber resilience based on your capabilities and resources

02 Educate

We arm your people with the knowledge and skills they need to be active participants.

Over 85% of cyberattacks will start with your employees. Cyber attackers socially engineer people to hand over their credentials and access to their computers, and from here the breaches and losses start. Most users have little idea how significant their actions can be. This is why education is so critical.
Hardening your workforce to cyber attack is critical to building cyber resilience, and personally relevant and engaging education is the foundation. We specialise in taking your workforce through all stages of cybersecurity awareness development. We turn your weakest links into valuable contributors.
  • Literacy training

    We educate your people to develop the fundamental cyber awareness skills and knowledge they need to understand corporate security awareness training.
  • Corporate training

    We develop customised workplace-wide security training programs that develop security culture and respond to organisation-specific cybersecurity risks and threats.
  • Ongoing training

    We keep your employees focused on security by providing up to the minute training on real world events with ongoing refresher training and awareness campaigns.

03 Mitigate

CBMX Pro® - One unified platform to help teams efficiently mitigate human cyber risk.

Understanding that investing in people is a critical part of a strong cyber defence strategy, but what organisations need even more are the tools to get the job done. CBMX Pro® does exactly that, providing digital trust teams with a set of specialty tools to manage and mitigate human cyber risk.
No other solution provides a more unified and integrated solution than CBMX Pro®. Gain full risk visibility of entire workforces right down to the individual, access easy to use tools to manage, educate and assess your staff, and gain real time insight through our deep, actionable reporting.
  • Risk Assessment

    Gain visibility and deeper insight into your human cyber risk across your entire workforce right down to the individual with hybrid maturity assessments and risk profiles.
  • Risk Management

    Seamlessly deliver highly engaging and continuous training, automated assessments and attack simulations that transfer knowledge, build skills and empower employees.
  • Risk Reporting

    Leverage the aggregated data, orchestration and automation that the CBMX Pro® toolsets deliver through the easy to use, real-time view reporting dashboard.
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Your trusted partner

Our goal is simple. We want to make it easier and more accessible for all individuals, businesses and governments to improve their cyber resilience. A relationship built on delivering what we promise. Our core leadership team is a unique blend of seasoned career experts with skillsets that span all aspects of human cyber risk management, social engineering and platform development.

Our mission is to be trusted advisors that assist organisations and individuals of all sizes to understand and assess their cyber risk and to partner with them to grow their risk management capability.

We take the technical and make it practical

Cybersecurity as a discipline is evolving out of its infancy. The sheer complexity and diversity of connected information systems means that the learning curve is steep, but institutional leadership has emerged. Our deep knowledge and understanding of these frameworks allows us to distill this technically detailed guidance to provide advice and solutions that are actionable to organisations of all sizes.

Essential learning

Knowledge truly is one of the best weapons an individual or organisation can have when battling cyber crime and managing cyber risk. The more you can understand, the better your chance to effectively defend and respond.

We have hand picked some great resources to help you rapidly improve your understanding, risks and responsibilities.

More resources
More resources